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Organic Wines

We have renounced the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic plant protection products.

The land we cultivate and consumers’ health are our most precious resource, that’s why we have chosen an entirely organic wine production, carried out exclusively with sustainable production methods.

In order to protect the environment and the diversity of the territory, we have re-nounced the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic plant protection products and this has allowed us to produce wines with excellent quality characteristics.

We carry out our productive activities in total respect for the environment by using a photovoltaic plant with a capacity power of 262 Kw that allow us to reduce environmental impact and electricity costs.

We take care of the territory where we operate with awareness and responsibility, with the aim of developing new production models, more and more eco-friendly and safe.

Organic Wines


Organic Wines

Mono-varietal wines with an intense and delicate avor, from organic roduction and sustainable methods. Our land says “thank you”, and our palates benet from it.